Advantages of Salt Water Pools

Nothing can be more beautiful than having a pool in your own garden. Every pool becomes the eye-catcher of any garden. Having a pool is an amazing option to feel comfortable and relaxed, but it can be quite difficult to maintain it clean and clear. In this article, we have gathered a few advantages of salt water pools.

Continuous disinfection

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Saltwater pool disinfection neutralizes contaminants in the water and kills germs, just as traditional chlorine-based systems. Moreover, the salt is dissolved in the pool water, so there isn’t a continuous and steady supply of chlorine flowing into the pool. If you are thinking about building a pool into your backyard, you should know that all pools need a full treatment to disinfect the water. Health threats of pool water include contaminants that thrive and grow if unchecked, viruses and bacteria. There are also swimmers who suffer side effects from chlorination systems. That’s why plenty of people prefer the salt water pools.

Low chlorine level

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Usually, the saltwater pool has less chlorine than a regular pool, because you don’t need to add chlorine in the water. On the other hand, this kind of pool uses chlorine generators which convert salt into chlorine. The adequate levels of free chlorine break down the chloramines that typically cause lung irritation, red itchy eyes and the smell often associated with chlorinated pools.

Low salt level

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Nowadays, plenty of people prefer a salt water pool because it has less chlorine content and it is more gentle on your skin. It makes you skin feel smoother and softer. Actually, people who suffer from allergies choose these types of swimming pools. Moreover, you should know that there is less salt content in these water pools than in the ocean water. In fact, the salt content is proportionately the same as that in human tears. That’s why you can open the eyes even while underwater.

Low maintenance

It’s important to know that these types of pool require less maintenance. You can even leave it without cleaning for a couple of weeks and not worry about green algae growing in the water. If you have installed a saltwater system, you must know this is capable of monitoring cleanliness and and it automatically starts cleaning the pool water when needed.