How to Achieve the Ideal Pool Water Balance

For you to be able to use the swimming pool, you must ensure proper water chemistry. Otherwise, you expose yourself to serious health threats when you use the pool. Fortunately, achieving the ideal pool water balance isn’t a hard task if you know what you have to do. Therefore, if you want to learn how to achieve the ideal pool water balance in order to keep the pool safe for use, continue to read this article.
How to Achieve the Ideal Pool Water Balance Picture

Add chlorine to your swimming pool

You can purchase floating chlorine feeders and automatic chemical feeders from any pool supply distributor. You must add chlorine to the pool’s water in order to ensure that the pool won’t host bacteria or contaminants that might harm your health when you use the pool. After you purchase them, slowly dissolve 1-inch and 3-inch chlorine tablets or chlorine sticks into the pool’s water. Chemical feeders slowly meter out precise amounts of chlorine into the pool water automatically. They offer very precise control over the amount of chlorine that is added to the pool. If the feeder is adjusted properly, you won’t have to worry about the chlorine level of the pool for 1-2 weeks.

Shock the pool weekly

As chlorine works to clean your pool, it binds to other chemicals like nitrogen and ammonia. These chemicals render the chlorine effectively inactive. Also, they create an irritant that causes skin conditions once you enter in contact with it. To eliminate the unpleasant effects of combined chlorine, you must apply an occasional dose of shock treatment. This means that you must super-chlorinate the pool once per week to ensure pool water balance and safety.

Maintain a proper pH level

Maintaining a proper pH level of your pool’s water is just as important for pool water balance as adding chlorine in it. The ideal pH range in the pool is between 7.2 and 7.6. Unfortunately, you will most likely find that your pool’s pH level is high. To lower the pH level, slowly pour hydrochloric acid directly into the deep end of the pool while the pool pump is on for the water to circulate. Another alternative that you can use is granular acid. If you maintain a proper pH level, you will achieve and maintain ideal pool water balance and you will help the chlorine be more effective in sanitizing the water in the pool as well.