Pros and Cons of Using Chlorine in Pools

Swimming pools, both residential and commercial, need to be kept clean at all times so swimming in them will never pose a risk to anyone’s health. The most common substance used in cleaning pools is chlorine because it manages to kill germs and bacteria that thrive in water. However, chlorine use also has some disadvantages and you are about to find out in the following lines which are the pros and cons of using chlorine in pools.
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The Pros

Chlorine is efficient

The main reason why chlorine is so popular in cleaning pool water is because it has shown a high efficiency in killing unwanted organisms in the water. It works great in removing bacteria and keeping it from growing back and it also fights algae that is so unpleasant to have in pools. Chlorine is available in capsules or liquid and it rapidly spreads in the water, targeting bacteria and removing it.

Chlorine is affordable

Cleaning your pool with chlorine is a low-cost method that is widely used by most pool owners. Treating the pool with chlorine for a very long time brings some savings in the long run and switching to another sanitation method would imply more money. Installing a chlorine sanitation system implies lower starting costs than another system, like a salt water one, for example. This makes chlorine more attractive and a long-term solution for most people who own a swimming pool.
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The Cons

Chlorine creates chloramines

When your body fluids and oils get into contact with chlorine in the water, it makes chloramines, which are substances that can affect your skin, eyes, and hair. This is the reason why you might experience irritations, itching and red eyes when swimming in a pool that has been treated with chlorine.

Chlorine affects the respiratory system

More dangerous than the external effects of chlorine on your body, are the internal effects of chlorine that imply respiratory problems and even asthma. Regular swimming in pool water containing chlorine can make you feel sick, an cause severe coughing, breathing problems, and it can sometimes be linked to some types of cancer.
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Chlorine requires maintenance

If you use chlorine regularly, your pool will require constant maintenance that implies checking that the chlorine levels are balanced. This often means hiring a professional to come and check the chemical levels in the pool.