Tips for Dealing with Cloudy Pool Water

Nowadays, plenty of people chose to have their own pool. Keeping the water clear and pristine may be difficult if you don’t know a few tips for dealing with cloudy pool water.
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It’s recommended to disinfect the pool weekly or biweekly, to maintain the proper water chemistry and maintain the pool filter. The best idea to clear cloudy pool water is to perform a treatment on the pool before using water clarifying agents.

Inspect the water

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Firstly, you should inspect the water’s color and the pool walls. Usually, the cloudiness is caused by mold, algae growth, and buildup of body waste from swimmers. That’s why it’s recommended to begin a full treatment to kill biological growth if the water is visibly contaminated biologically or green.

The pool test kit

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When you are dealing with cloudy pool water, it’s very important to purchase a pool test kit. This test kit should measure the water pH, cyanuric acid, alkalinity, calcium hardness and combined chlorine. These are all key components to maintaining the safety, clarity and sterility of pool water. If you are thinking about using a pool test kit, you should keep in mind that some kits only test the free chlorine level and the water pH, which might not be relevant for your pool water chemical situation.

Clean the pool

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Make sure you are cleaning the walls and the floor of the pool. It’s important to scrub the floor and the sides with a brush, vacuum any loose debris and any loosened detritus. You should remove any flotsam and detritus from the pool filter because this might cloud the pool. Furthermore, make sure you check the pool filter for malfunction and sediment buildup. If the pool filter is not good anymore, after you check the filtration media and the lines, you should consider replacing it. The best option to clean the pool is to use a robotic pool cleaner. This way you can clean efficiently and thoroughly any type of pool, regardless of its shape.

Treat the water

If you want to remove small particle buildup, you must treat the water chemically. Everybody knows that cloudiness is caused by loose colloidal particles. That’s why it is important to adjust the pH by basifying it with borax or by using a commercial acidifier. Avoid mixing strong acids or bases in your pool without using skin or eye protection.